High-Paying Remote Jobs - July 9, 2024

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Welcome back. 👋 In such an AI-driven world, it’s important to learn how to level up and get the most out of your work. And why not shoot for the stars by finding a flexible job that can be done from any location?

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Follow the impact scale rule. ⚖️ Analyze your tasks based on the impact they have on the business and prioritize accordingly, with the task that has the biggest impact first. 



Remote work jobs you should consider

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work a necessity, many companies had already instituted policies allowing their employees to work from anywhere they chose — from as early as the 1970s.

Today, it’s a widespread possibility, with a large portion of companies giving their employees access to remote work. And employees are happy about it. It’s no longer just an opportunity — but an ideal method of working.

And almost every job imaginable has the potential to be done remotely. And some can be more financially rewarding than others.

New research from FlexJobs found that the most in-demand, six-figure jobs that companies are hiring for include roles in:

  • Tech

  • Sales

  • Marketing

They also identified the three jobs in these categories that pay at least $ 100k and offer ample full-time opportunities:

  • Product manager: $ 106,812/year

  • Account director: $ 103,820/year

  • Business development director: $113,961

But how do you land these jobs?

  • Focus on high-demand skills like software development, data analysis and digital marketing.

  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile and join relevant professional groups.

  • Customize each application to highlight your remote work skills and relevant experience.

  • Connect with industry professionals and attend virtual events for opportunities.

Target companies that prioritize remote work for high-paying positions.

— Chris Leitch



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Top 5 companies hiring for fully remote jobs

Since the pandemic, companies have taken a new approach to hiring and found that a good method of employee retention is hiring full-time remote workers. That way, they can broaden their search and select the best talent from across the globe. In return, employees also have a better work–life balance. ⚖️

So, if you’re invested in a remote career, here are the top 5 companies hiring.



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