Virtual Remote Work - June 11, 2024

Plus: A real VR job, a dream career worksheet & more.

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Welcome to the future. 😎 Today’s special edition focuses on the future world — virtual reality! Whether it’s something of interest, or a job you’d like to get involved in, we have the best stories and tips lined up for you.

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Want VR work? 🕹️ Turn your résumé into an immersive experience with your 360-degree virtual forest. Check out this example →

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VR is redefining remote work 😮

Virtual reality isn’t just about games. In fact, it’s revolutionizing remote work culture, making it more engaging and collaborative.

Imagine attending a meeting where you feel like you’re in the same room as your colleagues, even though you’re miles apart. That’s the power of VR — it’s bridging the gap that video calls just can’t fill. 📹

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is the lack of face-to-face interaction, which can make employees feel isolated and disconnected. VR changes this by creating immersive virtual environments where team members can interact in real time. It’s like having a watercooler chat or a brainstorming session without leaving your home. 🏠

VR is also transforming the hiring process. Instead of the usual video interviews, companies can conduct immersive interviews in a virtual setting, giving both the interviewer and the candidate a more realistic and interactive experience. This helps in assessing the candidate’s fit with the company culture more accurately.

Training is another area where VR shines. Traditional training methods can be dull and ineffective. With VR, employees can participate in hands-on, interactive training sessions that are not only more engaging but also more effective. Studies show that VR-trained employees retain information better and feel more confident in applying their new skills.

In essence, VR is making remote work more human. 🧑 It’s creating a sense of presence and connection that is often missing in remote work setups. As VR technology continues to evolve, it’s poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of work — making it more inclusive, interactive and productive.

— Chris Leitch



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Slowing down and resting is one thing. Wasting time (and not even being aware that you’re doing it!) is another. Here are 12 things you should look out for!

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A real job in a virtual IKEA store? It’s true!

That’s right: IKEA is looking to hire people to work in its in-game store on Roblox. There are 10 job openings to be filled (at an hourly rate of around $ 16.80), with virtual employees responsible for working in a virtual showroom and food hall, serving pixel-form customers.

William Copus (aka @TheFeedski) talks us through it in his video, and shares a glimpse of the application process!

VR Ikea job


Hiring across the US is accelerating. 📈 The US Labor Market added 272,000 jobs in May, a sharp rise from the 165,000 jobs gained in April. Average hourly earnings were also up 4.1 % year-on-year. Read the jobs report →



Your dream career is just around the corner

Leaving school or college, or changing careers? The My Dream Career worksheet can help you get started!

Whether you’re stuck on where to start or just need a bit of guidance, this template can get you on track.

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