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Hello, beautiful people! 🤩 Welcome back to another edition of The Dose, the newsletter that helps you catapult your career up, up and awayyy! Our topic of the day? Résumés. Also known as the bane of every jobseeker’s existence — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Tailor your résumé to the job ad. ✍️ Take key skills and qualities listed in the job description, and create a résumé around these points.

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The colorful résumé trick that gets you noticed

Whenever you set out to write or update your résumé, you’ll likely Google “how to write a résumé”, “résumé tips” or a related term (or 2… or 5… or 17).

And, quite naturally, you’ll be bombarded with results that rightly advise you to, among other things, focus on achievements over job duties, use metrics to quantify results, start bullet points with action verbs and incorporate keywords from the job description.

But there’s a little, and somewhat sneaky, résumé writing trick that is seldom told.

And that is… drum roll, please! 🥁

Color psychology! Essentially, it involves using color to influence the mood, perceptions and even physiological reactions of hiring managers. And if done right, it might get your résumé shortlisted!

So, which colors should you use?

  • Blue is associated with trust, reliability and competence, and conveys professionalism

  • Green symbolizes growth, harmony, balance and a positive attitude toward change

  • Purple is associated with creativity, wisdom, uniqueness and sophistication

  • Red signifies passion, energy and power, and can create a sense of urgency

  • Yellow suggests a positive and outgoing personality, and signifies optimism and creativity

But (and this is a big “but”)… Don’t go overboard with colors, and instead be strategic about their use: 🤔

  • Stick to a black-and-white color scheme (black for text and white for background), and choose a third color for section headings and other secondary elements.

  • Research industry norms. Green, for example, works for industries related to the environment and sustainability, but not so much for banking and finance.

  • Be mindful of readability. Choose colors that contrast with the background and text to ensure legibility. For example, bright yellow won’t do you any favors.

— Chris Leitch



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Ditch the fancy résumé templates

If you’re focusing on the style of your résumé, you’ve got it all wrong! Recruiters aren’t looking for nicely designed templates — instead, they’re more concerned about the substance of your document and whether you have the experience and skills to match the role.

Career expert Farah Shargi shares a short video on what your résumé should look like and the contents it should include. Check out her tips below! 👇



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How impressive is your résumé?

After using this complementary Résumé Writing Checklist, your document will be packed with all the necessary information so you can make an excellent first impression.

With hiring managers receiving hundreds of applications per listing, it’s essential to stand out!

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