Microfeminism at its finest - May 28, 2024

Plus: How to fight workplace discrimination, an essential skills checklist & more.

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Welcome, Justice League fighter! 🦸 Yes, we are talking to you. This week’s newsletter is dedicated to workplace injustices (aka discrimination) and what you can do when you’re caught up in an unfair situation. So, grab your cape — or perhaps a cup of coffee — and let’s get into it.

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Create a passion diagram. ❤️ This will help you identify what you love to do, what you do at work, and how these two intersect. Then, if needed, you can find ways to infuse your day-to-day tasks with more of what you love and enjoy. See an example →

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Rampant workplace discrimination: How to fight back

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A survey by Monster, taken by 3,000 participants, has shown that 91 % of all employees have experienced discrimination in the workplace. 77 % of respondents also reported having witnessed an instance of discrimination at work, but nearly 1 in 3 stated they felt uncomfortable reporting the issue. 🤐

The same survey has shown that the two most common types of discrimination in the workplace concern employees’ age and race. Discrimination based on gender (or gender identity), disability, and height and/or weight is also experienced, although less frequently.

Given these numbers, it’s likely that you yourself (or a loved one) have been treated unfairly in the past — or will be, at some point in your career. So, what is the most effective way to navigate this?

  1. Keep a written record of what goes on at work, particularly when you’re not comfortable speaking up right away. 📝

  2. Share your experience with your colleagues. You may not be alone in this, and reporting inappropriate behavior together will feel a little easier.

  3. Seek advice from an independent employment attorney, if you don’t feel safe reporting the incident to anyone within the company.

— Electra Michaelidou



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In light of learning how to stick up for yourself, Jefferson Fischer shares how to politely say “no” to anything outside your job scope. 🦾

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Microfeminism at its finest 👌

Women have been fighting for their seat at the table for decades, and in 2024, they’re sadly still underpaid compared to their counterparts. So, women across the board have taken some slight nods at empowering each other.

In recent months, the term “microfeminism” has been trending on TikTok, and this user explains just what it is and how she subtly supports women in the workplace. Check it out 👇



Taking advantage of these skills can bring in $ 250/hour. 💰 Upwork released its 2024 list of the most in-demand freelance skills, which includes data analysis, accounting and social media marketing. View the full list →



Are your skills future-proof?

Essential skills list

Having the right skill set — ranging from soft to hard skills, and everything in between — will do wonders for you: it makes you more employable, more promotable and more successful in any job.

Wondering which skills will help you achieve this? Look no further than our Essential Skills List!

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