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Welcome back! 👋 We’re dedicating this email to startups — and how, with a little time, hard work and a bit of focus, you can make yours happen. Let’s dig right in.

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Be authentic on social media. 🤳 The best way to gain engagement and launch a business is to showcase the people behind it.



The phoenix that rose from the ashes layoff


The year 2021 saw the first wave of mass layoffs within tech as a bid for companies to correct their over-hiring practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, over 520k people have lost their jobs because of this. 😮

Keith Chaney was one of the layoff victims.

He started working at Google in early 2022, as part of the global strategy and partnerships team. Less than a year into his job, he learned in the car park of his daughter’s daycare that he had laid off.

But, Chaney says, it was a blessing in disguise.

While at Google, he started a side business: a personal advisory board management tool called Peadbo. When he was laid off, he put all his energy and time into making Peadbo really happen. And it did: the platform’s disruptive technologies is taking the world by storm. ⚡

Though he makes less than half of what he was earning at Google, Chaney says that he has “learned a lot about myself and entrepreneurship” and that he loves “the autonomy of being self-employed”. Even if it was initially quite the adjustment for his finances.

Sometimes, something that hits you out of nowhere could just be what you need to follow your passion — just like Chaney did.



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To gain real success, Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, swears by the 80/20 business rule. 


Fully in-office employees are officially earning more. 💰 Compared to 2023, in-office job salaries are up 33 % in a cross-sector trend, whereas fully remote and hybrid roles stay behind on the remuneration front.  Read the story →



3 must-know tips for launching a successful startup

Compared to previous years, 2023 was the year of entrepreneurship, with data from the US Census Bureau indicating that some 5.5m startups were launched in the span of 12 months. 🚀

If you yourself have been considering starting your own business, this seems to be as good a time as any. To help, we’ve hand-picked some of the latest advice and compiled it below, including 3 essential tips by serial entrepreneur Josh Chodniewicz, founder of and Fundify.

Starting with Chodniewicz’s wisdom, as an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to...

  • Embrace patience. 🧘 He likens building one’s vision with a marathon, not a sprint, saying that investors will, most of the time, take a very, very long time to jump on board.

  • Know your customers. Better than the customers know themselves. (No pressure!) That is because, to become successful, your product needs to solve real problems people have.

  • Build your expertise. Not just by studying your competitors’ actions and your customers’ needs, but by also keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies you can leverage to your advantage. 💻

Beside these spot-on points that Chodniewicz makes, we would also like to stress the following:

  • Dedicate plenty of time to creating your business plan.

  • Speak with a financial advisor to define short-and long-term goals.

  • Invest in promoting your product, particularly by targeting the right users online.



Ready… Set (your goal)… Go!

Goal action plan

Whether you’ve created a goal to start your own business, learn a new skill, change jobs or read one a book a week, it can be tricky following through with it and keeping track of your progress. The good news is that our Goal Action Plan worksheet has got your back.

Stay tuned for more awesome gifts.



10 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who feel stuck

Business done better

Social entrepreneur Brianne West talks about setting up ethical businesses that can transform the world — in just 10 steps. Through interactions with her audience, she has uncovered where in the startup process people tend to become stuck and shares some of her favorite remedies.



💻 Writing a business plan can be tough. Follow this awesome guide.



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