Remote Work = Less Pay - Mar 26, 2024

Plus: The do's & don'ts of asking for a promotion, a career guide & more.

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Time to shine! 🌞 This week, we’ll be talking about work promotions and what you can do to achieve them, even in a remote setting. Plus, we’ll see what happens when employers reward employee presence… (Hint: it’s not good.)

In today’s edition:

Don’t burn yourself out. 🔥 When eyeing a promotion, you may be tempted to work long hours or overcommit to projects. This can backfire, though: you might drop a ball or two. Instead, manage your time and energy more carefully.



Remote Dell Workers Can No Longer Get Promoted 😳

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Dell, a company that backed remote working long before the COVID-19 pandemic, has now shifted its work-from-home policy, and it’s shaken up the entire workforce.

The company that once prided itself on a hybrid working culture has demanded that all employees conduct 39 working days a quarter (which results in three days a week) in one of their approved offices. 🏢 And if employees decide not to, then they won’t be allowed a promotion, which sounds like quiet firing to me!

The shocking move has left plenty of employees in a frenzy, especially full-time working parents who need to be close to home. And at what cost since most teams are spread across states? What is the point of going to sit in an office with colleagues that don’t directly impact your work? 😕

— Joanna Zambas



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tips to get promoted

Target doubles bonuses for salaried employees. 💰 The retailer said it’s “rewarding our team accordingly” after profit growth beat expectations, and will pay 100 % of employees’ eligible 2023 bonuses.  Read the story →



A short guide to getting promoted 🎉

If you feel like your work doesn’t challenge you to a satisfactory level, yet you have so much more to give, it may be time to consider asking for more responsibility — and a higher job title. 😎

Doing your research (so you know exactly what to ask for and how to back it up) as well as timing your request right, are essential to getting that promotion. Let’s look at some tips:

When to ask for a promotion:

  • When your workload has increased. If you’ve taken on additional responsibilities since you began working for your employer, that’s something that will support your case.

  • When you’re crushing your goals. If you’re consistently hitting target after target, it’s an indication that you’re ready to take on additional challenges. 🎯

How to ask for a promotion:

  • Identify not just how you’ve met your goals but also how you’ve gone above and beyond.

  • Do some salary research prior to meeting with your manager so you have a specific figure in mind, should you end up negotiating your pay.

  • Practice your pitch. Recording a video of yourself can help you observe things like body language, which you’ll need to be mindful of in your meeting.

💻 Tips for remote employees:

Getting noticed as a remote employee can be tricky, as WFH contributes to a lack of visibility and connectivity with your team and supervisor. Maintaining consistent communication and sharing updates, such as your progress on assignments, can demonstrate your value within the team.

Anticipating your manager’s needs, or “managing up”, can also help you work proactively and take initiative, which will work in your favor.



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Raise your visibility in the workplace

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🌴 Want to work from any location? Here are some tips.

🙁 Being passed for a promotion is hard. Find out how to deal with it.

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