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Put your reading glasses on. 👓 We help you identify whether a company is a good cultural fit for you. Read on to discover our top signs to look out for! 

In today’s edition:

Consider your options. 🤔 Don’t immediately resign if you realize you’re not a good culture fit. Instead, identify what the problem is, and think about if there’s something you can do about it. This will help you determine if you should stay or, indeed, go.



Candidates turn down jobs based on star signs 😱

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You probably thought you’ve heard it all, but the latest news on the block is candidates turning down jobs based on their potential manager’s star sign. 🤔

An HR manager at language app Ling was stunned when a candidate turned down the role because they discovered that their direct supervisor is an Aries. The reason being that she had terrible experiences with previous Aries managers and didn’t want to work with one again.

But it’s not just candidates who are obsessing over astrology; hiring managers are also using it to judge whether a person would be suitable for a role based on common astrological traits. And reporter Caroline Colvin admits that she is super keen to know all of her colleagues’ zodiac signs to assess their personality in the workplace.

I don’t know about you, but essentially judging someone on their star sign seems a bit far-fetched to me! After all, no two people are the same (regardless of their zodiac sign).

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— Joanna Zambas



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company culture

US wages are falling at a “striking” pace. 📉 Wage tracker Indeed shows that salaries in February were up 3.3 %, compared to January 2023’s 9.3 %. This suggests that employers are facing less competition for new hires. Read the story →



How to tell if a company’s culture suits you 🤝

Company culture can make or break employee morale. The healthier it is, the more trust and respect between colleagues can be nurtured. The worse it is, the less engaged and productive team members are bound to be.

So, how can you know what you’re getting yourself into before you actually sign your job agreement and move on to a different employer? The sad truth is that you can’t — not 100 percent. 💔 Even if you’ve got a friend on the inside, their experience may differ vastly to yours!

Having said that, there are still ways you can assess whether a company’s culture is a right fit to a fairly large degree. You’ll have to do some inner searching, some Google searching, and some asking around at your next job interview! 🕵️

Questions to ask yourself:

  • “What am I looking for in an employer?” — Is it CSR initiatives, personalized employee benefits, a dedicated games room, or a close-knit team that calls themselves a family?

  • “What are my dealbreakers?” — Favoritism, discrimination, workplace competition? Take a note of these, as you’ll need them once you’ve moved on to the next step.

Things to do:

  • Scour the company’s social media pages and website for clues. See what values, achievements, initiatives and benefits they seem to emphasize the most.

  • Look at former and current employee reviews online. How many of your buzzwords do you see in (fairly recent) reviews?

Questions to ask the hiring manager in an interview:

  • “How would you describe the company culture?” — If the interviewer falters, that’s probably not a good sign. 🙅

  • “Do employees participate in team activities?” — Whether that’s team-building activities or after-work drinks, it can tell you a lot.



The balancing act of work and life ⚖️

work-life balance planner

A strong company culture isn’t the only thing that impacts your job satisfaction — a healthy work–life balance can also do wonders. Which is why we’re giving you our downloadable Work–Life Balance Planner — to help you find your happiness in and out of the workplace.

Stay tuned for more awesome gifts.



The Secrets to Happiness at Work by Tracy Brower

Secret to happiness

Sociologist and award-winning speaker Dr Tracy Brower’s book is a must-read if you’re looking to transform your workplace experience. Across its 150+ pages, you’ll find a whole slew of techniques, strategies and tips to improve job satisfaction, work–life balance, productivity, and more.



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🚩 30 company culture red flags to look out for.

💭 How to describe your ideal work environment in an interview.



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