Office Toxicity + Rundown - Mar 8, 2024

PLUS: Microsoft's AI mishaps, restaurant outrage in Spain and more...

Well, hello there! 👋 As another week draws to a close, join us as we take a look at the latest stories (including the negative effects of return-to-office), share our favorite resources and top reads, and more.

PLUS… A little something on us: a career planning worksheet!  👇

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🔥 Trending Stories:

Five things that happened while you were trying to get ahead.

☣️ Return-to-Office Is Creating Toxic Environments: 21 % of survey respondents report instances of bullying and 28 % “creepy” behavior.

🤖 Microsoft Engineer Warns of Company’s AI Tool: He says it creates disturbing images, and the company isn’t taking appropriate action.

🏡 $ 30B Could Be Slashed from Real Estate Agents’ Commissions: Fed economists pose solution to the American housing market “anomaly”.

📉 UK to Cut Taxes for Workers Again as Election Nears: 27M employees will pay 2 % less on National Insurance, the second cut in four months.

🍽️ Outrage in Spain over Earlier Closing Times for Restaurants: The Minister of Labor says it’s not “reasonable” to have restaurants open at 1am.

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Friday’s To Do:

Catch up on some reading. 📚 Spare an hour and read your bookmarked articles for personal and career development. A few books to read →

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out:

Fresh resources to elevate your career and personal growth.

💡 Start Your Agile Leadership Journey [WEBINAR]: Explore the Agile methodology in depth, and learn how it drives project success.

🦸 Uncover Your Superpowers [PODCAST]: Executive coach Donna Lichaw talks about fueling motivation and creativity on Lenny’s Podcast.

📚 The Unspoken Truths for Career Success [BOOK]: Bestselling author Tessa White gives advice on seizing control of your career.

👏 Gender Diversity Milestones [WEBINAR]: Celebrate International Women’s Day with a talk on the benefits of a diverse workforce.

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Freebie You May Have Missed:

Want to enhance your career? Our complementary career planning worksheet will place you on the right track. Grab it here →

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🧐 TOP Reads:

Reading glasses on: you don't want to miss these hacks and resources.

🌎 20 Professions that Can Change the World: Meaningful careers do exist, and many of them pay well, too.

🧙‍♂️ 3 Steps to Becoming More Influential at Work: Stanford expert discusses three must-know emotional intelligence techniques.

💰 How to Boost Your 401(k) Account: Author and journalist John F Wasik shares a simple way to handle savings shortfalls.

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