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Welcome back! 👋 In this email, we’ll be talking about being underpaid (and undervalued) at work — including the signs to watch out for and a real-life story that will make your brain explode.

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When an employee discovers she’s underpaid 👀

It’s not uncommon to have discrepancy in pay between employees, but when you’re the hardest working there, it comes as as a huge blow 😠

British entrepreneur, speaker, investor and creator Chris Donnelly reads an email chain on his TikTok channel that one of his followers forwarded to him, after learning they were underpaid by up to 12 % compared to their counterparts and having contacted their HR department about it. 🤯

While the employee handled the situation perfectly, the HR department’s first response is truly shocking and absurd — and it quickly gets worse.

Watch the video for yourself:

Underpaid TikTok

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What to do if you’re underpaid 😒

No one likes, wants or deserves to be underpaid. Not in this economy. (Okay, so maybe that one colleague of yours who never gets much done deserves it a little bit, but for the sake of argument, let’s say nobody should have to experience this.)

If you feel like your salary isn’t on par with your experience and the quality of your work, you should do something about it. The first step is to determine if you’re indeed underpaid. 🤔 You can do this by considering if:

  • Online salary data for similar roles and seniority levels differ significantly to what you make.

  • Similar positions at the company you work for are higher-paid.

  • You’ve taken on added responsibilities lately with your paycheck remaining the same.

If any of these stand, then you’re probably being handed the short end of the stick — and you should definitely have a conversation with your manager about it. To best negotiate a raise, you should:

  • Do your research and determine your true worth. 💰 Looking at salary data from various online sources can help you determine a reasonable, fair amount.

  • Arrange a meeting with your supervisor. Give them a heads up so they know you want to discuss something important, and then use facts (such as salary data and your professional accomplishments) to back up your case.

Two in five employees feel underpaid according to a survey by FinanceBuzz. One in five have also been discouraged by their employer to share their compensation details with others.

As far as we’re concerned, however, you should always strive for something better if you know you deserve it!



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