Eiffel Tower Shut Down + Weekly Rundown - Feb 23, 2024

PLUS: Facebook's Lawsuit, Google's AI Takeover, More Media Job Cuts…

Buckle up! 🚀 We’re going on one more weekly roundtrip and looking at the top industry stories and career resources that have emerged over the last 7 days…

Including, the worker strikes that are keeping the Eiffel Tower shut!

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🔥 Trending Stories:

These 5 things happened while you were trying to get ahead.

🦾 Big Tech Vows to Fight Deceptive AI — 20 of the world’s largest tech companies have signed an accord that commits them to combating voter-deceiving content in light of the 2024 presidential elections.

✊ Worker Strikes Shut Down the Eiffel Tower — The people want to be heard. More funds are in demand to preserve the landmark, as a new strike emerges again.

✂️ Media Companies Commit to Job Cuts — In an effort to "appease Wall Street", companies including Google, YouTube, Paramount, and Disney have committed to more rounds of layoffs in 2024.

🧠 Google Gemini 1.5 Outperforms ChatGPT & Claude — Google’s AI has a context window of up to 1m tokens, referring to the amount of information it can consider when generating a response; which is 5 times greater than GPT-4 Turbo.

💸 Facebook Must Face $3.8bn Collective Lawsuit — Facebook are under fire again around Meta’s monetization of users’ personal data with a case brought forward in London.

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Friday’s TO DO:

Check your emails at a specific time. 📩 Avoid getting distracted by constant pings, and check your incoming mail during a set time slot.

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out:

Fresh resources to elevate your career and personal growth.

🤔 Career Choices Made Simple [CAREER TEST] — Choosing a career or considering making a 180? CareerHunter’s six-part assessment will help you figure out what you’re made for based on your interests, personality, motivations and strengths.

🙏 From Job Satisfaction to Job Fulfillment [VIDEO] — Author, keynote speaker and intentional behavior change expert John R Miles guides us to a better workplace through the power of gratitude, and shares his secrets to elevating your job satisfaction. 

🤖 Can Your Résumé Kick Robots’ A**? [TOOL] — Your résumé needs to beat the applicant tracking systems before it’s reviewed by a hiring manager — and ResumeWorded’s AI-powered checker will tell you if you’re winning or losing the battle. 

😊 The Foundations of Happiness at Work [COURSE] — US Berkeley expert faculty Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas team up in BerkeleyX’s 4-week course to explain what happiness at work looks like, why it matters, and how to cultivate it. 

💼 Create Your Ideal Role at Your Current Company [PODCAST] — Scott Anthony Barlow sits down with Laura Parker in the latest episode of the Happen to Your Career podcast, and finds out how she created her ideal role by figuring out her wants and needs — and how you can too.

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🧐 TOP Reads:

Reading glasses on: you don't want to miss these.

🐪 25 Best Digital Nomad Jobs — As they say, travel is the one thing you pay for that makes you richer. These 25 jobs allow digital nomads to combine work with seeing the world.

🎯 5 Ways to Boost Your Career Development — Tracy Brower, author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work, explains how you can take your career fulfillment into your own hands.

⚖️ 10 Tips for Working Two Jobs (and Staying Sane) — A growing number of people are forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Though challenging, there are ways to make the juggling act a little easier.

🏆 What the World’s Top Performers Have in Common — Executive coach Alan Eagle and clinical and performance psychologist Eric Potterat have worked with 25,000 top business leaders, employees, athletes and more. They found their one shared secret to becoming successful.

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