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Beep boop bop. 🤖 AI isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just like we anticipated, machinery hasn’t yet matched up to the human brain, and in this edition we’ll share the funniest bloopers around.

PLUS a career planning worksheet (on us) to help you reach your goals!

Nokia releases AI tool for industrial workers. 👷 The AI service, called MX Workmate, harnesses real-time factory data and generates messages such as warnings for faulty machinery. Read the story →



Hilarious, Chat GPT bloopers at work 😅

Chat GPT

An Instagram user shared their experience using ChatGPT to write a sick note to their boss about their child being ill and the results are worth a look at. 👇

Chat GPT

So, as you can see, some things are best left to humans, but if you’re looking for a laugh, test out some other hilarious ChatGPT prompts and see what results you get.

Feel free to share them with us, too! We love a good laugh! 🧡


Make a list of your skills. ✍️ List your most valuable skills and review what you can improve on or enhance. 100 key skills →



Speed through your work with ChatGPT ⚡️

Walking away from the AI bloopers above and towards some AI triumphs! Despite certain limitations, artificial intelligence still has a lot to give, and with it, we can make our lives just that little bit easier.

As our daily to-dos and responsibilities keep piling up, OpenAI’s ChatGPT presents us with solutions to simplify, streamline and cut corners. Let’s look at 3 ways you can boost your time management and organization at work with the generative AI tool:

🔍 Use it in place of your go-to search engine.

Manually looking through results pages can take a while. Instead, try asking ChatGPT a question the way you would a search engine, and let it do the research on your behalf — it can scan a ton of information and produce the most relevant answer in a second.

✏️ Use it to type up drafts for emails, letters, social media captions and more.

Sometimes, your mind gets stuck and you need a bit of inspiration. Go to the generative AI tool, describe your situation (eg: “I need to write a 150-word email requesting a sabbatical for further studies”), and watch it weave something you can easily edit and polish.

🧮 Use it to swiftly analyze large amounts of data.

What you need is a plug-in called Code Interpreter, and then you’ll be able to upload large data sets and ask ChatGPT to illuminate patterns. Just think of how much time this can help you reclaim and allocate to other tasks.



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