Drumroll for… HR Addict - Announcement

Exciting news: we’re launching HR Addict, a once weekly newsletter for HR pros and leaders.

Hey readers! 🤗 Exciting news: next week we’ll be launching HRAddict — a once weekly newsletter for HR pros and leaders to help nurture and drive teams forward!

Oh, we almost forgot: it's free. Hit the button below to not miss any emails.

HR AddictWeekly wisdom for HR pros

Starting next Wednesday, we will be sending weekly:

  • 🧙 HR advice and wisdom exclusive to our newsletter community

  • 📰 Latest HR news and trends to help stay ahead of the curve

  • 🧠 Insights and analysis from top HR professionals

  • 🧰 HR resources and tools to level up your team


A bit of context to this:

CareerAddict has long been in the game of providing the very best career advice, and our experts have accumulated a wealth of HR expertise and wisdom along the way — some of which we’ve been sharing on our career advice blog.

So, for 2024, we felt it was the right time to take this HR knowledge and make it more readily available with a newsletter dedicated to HR professionals.

We’ll also be sharing in-depth HR guides and more over on HRAddict.com in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that :)

HR AddictWeekly wisdom for HR pros

How does this impact your subscription? 

If you’re happy to continue receiving career and productivity hacks from CareerAddict’s The Dose while also receiving HR wisdom from HRAddict, subscribe and just hold tight! 🚀

You’ll be able to opt out from either list, at any point.


As always, thanks again for trusting in us. Let’s continue to grow and thrive together! 🌱