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It's performance review season - check out these essential tips!

It’s performance review season! 🔎 In this email, we’ll be exploring the biggest mistakes that managers make, how to deal with a bad review, and more — so you know what to do (and not to do).

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One of the biggest mistakes managers make


Being on the receiving end of a performance review can feel awkward and uncomfortable. But perhaps what’s even more awkward is when managers and bosses carry them out insufficiently, providing vague feedback and little guidance as to how an employee might improve.

According to a report by Textio, this happens more often than the average person might think — and its consequences are graver than leaders often realize. 😰

The data, which was gathered from 13,000 employee performance reviews, illustrates a strong connection between the quality of feedback that a worker receives and the likelihood of them leaving the company they work for.

While 61 % of satisfied employees who intend to stick around say they understand what’s expected of them, just 21 % report feeling the same way among those who have one foot out the door. 🚶

But it’s not just unactionable feedback that’s fueling voluntary turnover. When managers refrain from being direct and clear, and instead begin their feedback with phrases such as “I think”, this also pushes their team members away in pursuit of greener pastures.


Do some prep work. ⭐ Learn about the review process, come up with questions you’d like to ask, and identify your accomplishments and areas for improvement. This will make the appraisal all the easier to navigate.

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Bad performance review? Don’t sweat it 🥵

Employee appraisals are a time for leaders to provide constructive feedback and give praise where it’s due, and for employees to express concerns and set future goals with their manager.

Though that sounds nice and dandy in theory, appraisals can sometimes be uncomfortable — both for the employee and the manager, that is. That tends to be the case when things have not gone particularly well in previous months, and shortcomings in productivity and quality of work produced need to be addressed.

Should you find yourself in this position, this is how you can navigate the situation and start to feel a little lighter:

  • Resist the urge to react right away. Instead, try to keep listening actively and take notes of what’s being said. 🧘

  • Reflect on what’s been said before you comment. If there’s something you disagree with, say so politely.

  • Use evidence to counter what your manager is saying. Outline specific examples to back up your case.

  • Ask for clarifications. If something doesn’t make sense, say so; if the goals you set together are vague, point it out.

  • Restate your commitment to becoming better. Thank your manager, and let them know you’re dedicated to improving. 🙏

  • Ask for ongoing feedback. Once the review is over and things go back to normal, maintain a conversation with your supervisor.


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